March 16, 2012
Hey Wrimos!

Just a reminder again, you can find all of our past writing prompts at:

Also we’d really love it if any of you that have been using the prompts as writing exercises would submit your work! The more submissions we get the more potential we have to possibly do some cool things like get you guys published!

Happy writing!

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February 27, 2012
Writing Prompts are here!

Our Tumblr Community will now regularly post writing exercises.

We have done some research the last a few weeks on how best to do this and have received a lot of great feedback! These are some of things we have come up with:

• Prompts will be posted every other day at 6pm!
• You can find all of our prompts here: NaNoWriMos Prompts.
• There will be a break during November so you can focus on NaNo.
• We have created a blog for you to submit your prompt stories! 
• All of the stories will be linked directly to the prompt post so they are easy to find.
• There has been some interest in publication, so if we get enough submissions I may just be able to start some sort of anthology or literary magazine! 

Remember, prompts are meant to be sort of a quick starting point to get you writing! While they do have the potential to become something longer if you really run with an idea, it is often helpful to just start them out as short stories. There is no word limit, but stories between 1k to 10k words are best for submissions. 

The best way to look at writing prompts is like an exercise for your mind. They will keep you in the habit of writing daily while giving you the satisfaction of finishing something, which is usually one of the biggest stresses of writing a novel. These types of stories are also the best way to practice writing your prose!

Happy Writing,
-Camille and Billy!

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