December 9, 2011
It’s been over a week since NaNo ended… Are any of you still writing?

I was one of the probable many who did not finish their NaNo (again) this year. lol. So those of you who are not in the editing stage don’t feel bad! It happens!

It’s been maybe 2 weeks since I stopped and I’m just starting to get back into wanting to write again after being so frustrated with my NaNo story. But surprisingly it’s a different project altogether that I’m finding myself thinking about.

I am curious though, how many of you that didn’t finish are still writing? Are you planning on finishing your unfinished novel? Have you started any new projects? Are you tired of writing altogether by now?

I hope that not finishing doesn’t discourage anyone! And I hope that most of you will continue writing (about anything) throughout the year and won’t just wait until November to try agin!

Even though I often do this myself and just use NaNo as an excuse to take time out of my busy schedule to write, I do think one of the best practices for NaNo is writing often. If you can hone your skills in the off-season it will be much less challenging for you to jump into it and bang out 50k next year. :)