April 12, 2014
How are you doing with Camp NaNo?

If you aren’t going to camp, you can let us know that too.

March 31, 2014
Last minute Camp NaNo planning?

  1. Create a character-male or female? tall or short? what kind of job do they have?
  2. What does your character want? maybe it’s an ice cream cone. perhaps they want a new car. whatever it is, they have to want something.
  3. What is stopping them? no money? can’t pick a flavor/color?
  4. Who is helping them? family? friends? some random stranger?
  5. Who is stopping them? an evil mustache twirling fiend? a car dealer? the little kid  that stole their wallet?

That’s something to get the creative juices flowing. If you need more help, let us know.


(I’m lockheed40 at camp. Feel free to friend me. Maybe we’ll be in the same cabin.)

August 3, 2012

Can you explain what exactly Camp Nano is? I’m confused about the difference between it and normal NaNoWriMo

Camp Nano happens in either June or August. The rules are the same except that you get 31 days to complete your 50,000 words if you write in August. You can also sign up to be in a cabin. You get up to 6 cabin mates who you can message on the cabin message board for thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

August 2, 2012
Camp NaNo August Started Yesterday!

Anyone going up for the challenge?

What are your ideas so far? Have you gotten started yet? :)

June 4, 2012
Check out these novel ideas. (Answer to our question.)

  • sugulovestacos answered: My June novel is about a guy finding out his best really doesn’t need his protection; Just is love.
  • sunshineandrainbowsandunicorns answered: I’m continuing my NaNo novel from last year about a girl on the hunt for her sisters killer.
  • thencomes-you answered: I’m not, I’m working on exams for school and directing a play and being in a musical and all that nonsense!
  • iamscribe answered: My June novel is about a murder in a tiny southern town. Everyone has to face their inner demons in order to solve the case.
  • midsummersky answered: story about a developing relationship between two girl. only 2500 words so far, but it’s my first serious attempt on writing in english.
  • booskidoo answered: My book is about a teenage boy discovering he is gay when his girlfriend cheats on him.
  • crunchynutcase answered: I’m (still) revising last year’s NaNo. Yeah. I’m a bit of a procrastinator.
  • avenge-me-avengers answered: My June novel is about a broke journalism student who is following an actor around for a year, for an article she’s working on.

May 28, 2012
3+ days until Camp NaNoWriMo begins-are you ready?

Feel free to ask us questions as you are getting ready! We want to help.

May 22, 2012
itsanexperimentjohn answered your question: Are you thinking about NaNoWriMo in 2012? I need to get my plot monkey on for Camp Nano! Does Camp Nano have a separate tumblr?

We are not actually affiliated with NaNo or Camp NaNo.

If you have any questions, we would be glad to help. We only just realized Camp NaNo is something we should be aware of! We’re looking into it now.

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